Repairs and Maintenance

SASSHA Maintenance Management System (MMS) is a Property Maintenance, Contract Service and Property Inspection application suite that puts you in full control of your maintenance functions. This can be used as part of the SASSHA Housing Management solution or as a stand alone tool.

SASSHA MMS has a full set of order creation and management operations, reporting, communication and mobile functionality only available with enterprise level expectations.

Full repairs workflow
From the initial call, pre inpections, works progress, completion right through to invoice. Manage and monitor each stage of the process with SASSHA MMS
SMS & Email
Email works orders directly to contractors and text tenants with repair appointments or satisfaction surveys. Our advanced integration tools make communications more streamlined
Service Contract Management
Appoint, schedule and manage cyclical work and service contracts within one userfriendly interface.

Some benefits and features

  • Full repair capture and processing to completion
  • Property Survey App - complete void, pre and post inspections issuing works orders while still onsite
  • Manage a full schedule of rates along with pre and post inspections
  • Contactor Portal - Send works orders, allow contractors to update jobs, complete and even process invoices through to your back office system
  • Compliance Manager - Manage service contracts and cyclical works through a fully configurable dashboard
  • Stock Condition App - Stock condition surveys completed onsite feed directly back to your system with no duplication
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS - Make repair appointments or receive tenant satisfaction survey data
  • Planned and cyclical maintenance management
  • CRM Portal - Keeping your workforce fully updated and connected whether in the office or out on site
  • Document Storage - All documentation such a Gas Certificates are stored within the Property record for easy access
  • QXL reporting tool for all reporting needs. From simple contractor performance to complex budget reports

Other Areas

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