Reports and kpi building

Your business information systems are pretty isolated unless you can extract and report on and validate it’s contents.

Although it was designed to work with our SASSHA Housing Management software QXL can also link to other software. Whether you are a report designer or someone who just needs information from their system, QXL is your tool.

Team QXL with our KPI Dashboard Builder based on Balanced Scorecard for Housing to ensure you’re on track with targets.

KPIs for all business areas in one place
The KPI dashboard links directly to live SASSHA data constantly updating. If you have other areas to montor simply key in the data with the results available on the same dashboard.
QXL Reports2Go
A suite of reports to help you get up and running. You can simply edit these reports to customise them to your business
KPI Dashboard
View KPI trends on a user-friendy dashboad with the ability to drill down into the data behind the figure. Clear definitions over a period you define.
Reporting for all systems
Link QXL to any database to bring your data to life. Extract, manipulate and present data from any system in one report using this simple but powerful Excel based tool

Some benefits and features

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